Can your products be used on sensitive skin?

It really depends what you’re sensitive to. Some people can’t tolerate essential oils for instance. If you know you’re sensitive or allergic to a particular ingredient, do check the ingredients before ordering. That’s why we print our complete ingredients list, we want to be completely transparent so you know what you’re putting on your skin. Having said that, many of our customers have sensitive skin and due to the gentle ingredients we use, have told us that our products have helped to improve their skin.
*Our products contain nut oils so please do not use if you have a nut allergy!

Do you use preservatives?

Yes, some of our products – creams and/or lotions – do contain preservatives. Why? Because any product that contains water has to have one by law. This is to protect the consumer from any microbial growth that can happen from visible/invisible contamination of the product. We don’t use Parabens.
Our oil based products are preservative free.
All our products have been laboratory tested and safety assessed by a Cosmetic Chemist and comply with current EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations.

Can men use your skincare?

Of course! Many of our customers already do. Moisture One and Moisture Two are popular with men because they don’t smell flowery or particularly ‘girlie’. I know of a number of men who are guilty of pinching a bit of their partner’s cream when they’re not looking! However, Facial Oil One may smell a bit too feminine for most masculine tastes. We’re planning on introducing a men’s range as we progress so watch this space!

Are your products tested on animals?

No. We’re totally Against Animal Testing. We adore our furry friends!

Are you organic?

Some companies, including ours, have opted out of organic certification and there are a lot of reasons for that. The main one being the expense, which is a cost that inevitably gets passed on to the customer. We care very much about the ingredients we use. In fact, when comparing ingredients listings, ours are often identical to some organic brands. The difference is that we don’t have to pay a considerable ongoing fee to a certification organisation, which would mean increasing our prices.
So as a new company, we’ve made a business decision not to do this right now. We may reconsider at a future date. All our products have been laboratory tested and safety assessed by a Cosmetic Chemist and comply with current EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations.

How do I know which products to use?

We’ve written quite a lot of information in the product descriptions. We’ve included Additional Info, How To Use and full Ingredients lists. Hopefully these will help you to decide. If you would like more advice please feel free to contact us by email via our Contact Page. We want you to be a happy customer!

Can I try before I buy?

We’re offering mini sized products for customers to buy because we understand that you don’t want to purchase a big pot of something when you haven’t tried it first. We also have a mini set for you to discover – The Essential Moisture Discovery Set – which gives you a chance to try a few products at once. It’s great for taking on holiday or as a gift as well!

Can you send my order as a gift?

Yes we can! All orders are beautifully wrapped before posting. If you want to enclose a special message or send to a different address, please make this clear to us when placing your order. You can send us a note on the order page or by email via our Contact Form.